Monday, August 8, 2011

August 8, 2011

Hello Family!
It sounds like things are going pretty well down there. Dad, it is interesting how you went to work in camo, and that is great how you dress nicely after the temple so that you can increase the chances to talk to people more about the Gospel. It seems kind of fun. Mom, I hope your back feels better after moving Erik and getting him out. That is a great act of kindness from Jordan, and I hope that I can be that kind of friend. That is what the mission has helped with. I would like to be able to continue serving people in ways that may be even a seemingly big sacrifice. Well, it is great that Erik is up there. I've got now Erik and Alesha and Kirsten as family being in Utah. It was also good to hear about Matt and that he seems to be doing well.  What are Erik's Utah plans? Dad, it is good to hear that you're always learning. I liked the thought about the Book of Mormon, and continue learning. There is a John Bytheway talk that I heard about Sunday, particularly addressed to youth, but there was a principle that I really enjoyed. I feel like you really exemplify this principle dad. Going to church, you should not really have a bad experience due to the poor quality of the talks. Even if a talk is not interesting, you can make your own personal talk on the same subject so that the Spirit can whisper something to you. I am not saying that talks or lessons that you listen to are poor, but I feel that each talk and lesson you hear really makes an impact and personally influences your life. Thanks for your example. I read Shane's letter today. I don't know why I didn't get some last letters. It's okay Shane, we always have things to work on, but I guarantee that you have grown tremendously already.
This weekend, there will be another baptism for an older woman in our area. I have only met with her twice, but she had been preparing for baptism, and the missionaries before me had helped prepare her. She is great. She is very happy and accepting. At first she was unsure, but she talked to her family, and she decided to be baptized. On Saturday, she will be baptized.
This week, our mission lost a few older missionaries (6) and gained 5 new ones. Our mission is really close, so I knew most of those missionaries fairly well, and it is great to see the energy of the new missionaries. Oh, yes. There is something I have to tell you, not to make you trunkie mom (ask Erik if you are unsure of the meaning of the term), but just to inform you of a decision that I made. In our mission, the visa only lasts 90 days or 3 months. Since the transfer lies at a strange spot, and it is a trouble just to simply get a new visa, I either had to go home slightly early or slightly late. about a month in either direction. I have decided to go home in March 8, which is the later date. The decision has already been made, but I thought that I would just let you know what is going on and what exactly to be waiting for. Thank you for your understanding.
It was a little chilly this past week here, so I am excited to hear that it is warming up. I know this Church is true, that obedience is essential, and that through Christ we can continually progress. Continue progressing forward, overcome obstacles, and do not dwell on past mistakes. I love you all. Bye. attached is a picture that an investigator from my old area took of me and my companion Elder Zhdanov a while ago. -Elder Larson