Tuesday, August 16, 2011

August 15, 2011

Hello Family!
It sounds like things are going well with some little changes. Brian moved out and now there are some new youth there. That is a cool deal that Erik can get that deal to go to UVU for a lot less money. They have been married a year already, wow. It sounds like  a lot of changes are happening. that is cool how the young men did that trip to the temple and that you were able to do confirmations. Our mission is going on a mission trip this weekend (the members who want to go to the Kiev temple). It is great to see how highly some people value going to the temple even if it is so far a way. It is a blessing that we do not have to go somewhere like Oklahoma just to go to the temple. I did a guess, but maybe it's about that far to go to Kiev from here. But, Kiev is a lot more convienient that Finland because an international passport is not necessary and it is a lot less expensive for people to go to Kiev. Kitchen is getting painted. Mom, that is pretty cool to hear that you have been seeing parrots up in the palm trees. I didn't know Arizona was becoming such a tropical place. This past week has been a lot warmer, but I am glad it will be getting a lot cooler, although I do not mind the heat so much. The sun has been kind of nice.
I have kind of an interesting experience that happened. I went to Kurgan this weekend with President Rust and his wife, and my first area was Kurgan. We were only there for a day, but I was in Kurgan about 1 year ago. We went to church and I was able to see some of the people again. Some of the people did not seem to have changed at all, some people may have gotten worse (fortunately i didn't really see much of that), and some people have become different and more enhanced people. I am sure those people that seemed not to have changed actually did, because they are still coming to Church, and they probably have made a lot of inner and personal changes that I cannot see. There is one person that I did see though who I felt made some large changes. It was a youth, and He had become a lot more confident in his beliefs and his conduct. He had been given a calling as teacher, and he taught very well. He is solid in the Gospel and does not seem to waiver. It was great.
The situation just made me think about which direction we are going in life, forward or backward. In the moment and even over time, it is sometimes hard to know, but if we are continual doing the good habits that our leaders tell us we should do. Read, Pray, partake of the sacrament, follow the promptings of the Spirit, we can be assured that we are doing well and getting better. When we do have those fall, we can make changes, and through Christ be lifted. If we have struggles, Christ's mercy can lift us. I encourage you to take a look at yourself as if it was exactly a year ago in time. Where are you at, where do you want to be? With the Lord, all is possible.
Elena, an older woman was baptized on Saturday. It is great to see people that have been prepared, and she is a great, loving woman.
President is a large man, and his wife is very kind.
I love you all. Good bye.-Elder Larson