Wednesday, August 24, 2011

August 22, 2011

Hello Family!
Congratulations mom and dad, that is great that you celebrated your 25th wedding anniversary just recently. That is a long time to be together, and that's the way it should be. Eternity is a long time, but a forever happy time. I hope that Erik will find a job there. Maybe funny request, but Blaine's brother is going to have a baby sometime soon who is Erik's age. Has Erik made any mention as to when he intends to have an addition to the family? It has been cool here recently, but it has been very nice whether. We walk in our suit jackets, and it is just about perfect weather. 
Thanks for helping out with that debit card situation. I had purchased new shoes, and I needed to take some money out of the bank and pay at the store. I haven't used the card very often since I have been here. As for the regular missionary needs, The money we are given is plenty enough to live well. For those personal purchases, I have not made a whole lot. President allowed me to call the company, so they understood the situation. 
Good job dad for saying the prayer. That way maybe people wonder where you from that you say the prayer slightly differently.
I do not live to far from the President. It is about a 25 minute walk, and it is pretty through a little forest cemetary in the city.
I am having a really great time on the mission. Like Shane, time is going by really quickly for me. Our recent convert is doing very well, Elena, and she said that she is ready to accept a calling if they give one to her. I was able to visit Perm, and a family that lives there is very generous, kind, and happy. They were baptized in December last year when I was there, and they are doing very well. They are very happy, and the husband is such a gentleman and treats his wife with great respect. They are having a child next year, and I know that the Gospel really just blesses their and our lives. Mom and dad, have you ever thought about serving on a senior couple mission? If I were you, I would think about it a deal and make plans to go on one. There are some great senior couples that I see, and some (even amidst poor health and old age) really get a lot of joy out of serving. Especially in a place like Russia, people love the senior couples, and they are a great help to the wards and missionaries. So think about it. I am not saying get ready to hop up and leave, but make some plans for the future to go. I think that would be great. You are already great, but a mission on top of a marathon and dealing with the heat would just make you polished stones.
I gave a little talk in church on Sunday about the Book of Mormon. I reflected on some of the excuses I gave back in school and how I just needed to reset priority, and I focused on how it helps us resist temptation and come closer to Christ. President and Sister Rust have been talking about caring for the lost sheep of the ward and making a personal record and history so that your ancestors can read and understand you down the years. The meeting was great and I felt the Spirit. I felt like the Spirit really stemmed from the love that the ward members have one towards another.
The Lord has blessed me greatly since I have been here. Soon, there will be zone conference with a member of the Europe East area presidency, so I am excited about that. I have had many great experiences, and opportunities to grow. It has been great that I can change through Christ and the principles of the Gospel.
I love you family. Continue the good, hard work. Keep up Shane. Bye.-Elder Larson