Monday, May 2, 2011

May 2, 2011

Hello family!
This week, we started the week with mission president to get trained and learn how to be better missionaries ourselves and better help the zone. Sorry. I need to take more pictures. I really do not have an excuse not to send the pictures I have, but I have not taken the time enough to take pictures. I need to think about how I can do better and plan in advance to send to you. This week, a less active came to church, and that was really exciting to see. We set a baptismal date, but we need to make sure the man will work towards it. He knows english, knows about the church, but he has maybe different priorities, but we hope to help him more. \there is great weather, the grass is starting to green, trees are starting to bud, and we do not need to go out in a coat, just suit jacket. I lot of things at home we eat aren't to out of the ordinary, but mayonaisse is popular and I like it, but we have dumplings, sausage sandwhiches, and there are various good vegetable salads here. \russians like suops and also liittle meat, egg, or cabbage, or sweet pies that are very good. There are a lot of sweets in Russia, and they are really goood pastries, and I really enjoy all that stuff. I live in a large apartment building, but we have 2 rooms and one kitchen. it is small but nice. We live on the edge of the city. we mainly walk, but to get to the center, we take the sub way, and bus from there to get to church. I love you all. Could you call 7 saturday morning your time to the number with a card so that we can arange our phone call\? I love you, Bye.-Elder larson