Monday, May 16, 2011

May 16, 2011

Hello family!
I am doing really well, but it was kind of an interesting week because Monday we had an in day, Tuesday was P day, we helped with transfers on Wednesday and Thursday, and we saw the Living Legends concert on Thursday which was really enjoyable and great. I liked what Tucker had to say in his letter, and it is amazing how he saw such a miracle. I am sure he will continue to grow his whole life. Something I have learned on the mission and I really like is that you really can be who you want to be if it is who you need to be through the power of Christ and with strong desire and effort. Desire is really important, and you must deeply desire something if you really want to achieve it. Christ must also be the how it can happen. I do love the mission, and I am learning so many things. It would be nice if it could last forever, but I am glad that I can always progress and serve others no matter where I am at. It sounds like things are going well with you all at home. I will pray for mom so that the check ups all go really well and fine. I hope everyone there is happy and doing well. It sounds like dad had some fun playing basketball. For a package, I would want no candy at all because I feel like I eat too many sweets, but fruits would be good. Raisins, apricots, prunes, bananas, apples. Thanks for your cares. My companion is great. I really enjoy that he is funny and always shows that he cares for people. He reminds me of Shane in a few ways in that he open with me, and that has been really cool. It is fun how you got that free thing at the antique mall and got to shoot guns and such. Miracles really do happen. It has been fun to work with other missionaries and see their success too. Although Nothing great has happened in our area this week, we helped the sister missionaries move apartments, we were able to talk to a man that can be referred to another area, and another pair of sisters have a few people that are ready for baptism after not really meeting with missionaries for a while. Our mission will largely change after this transfer because quite a few go home, and our mission President will change, but I am glad that the Gospel is always constant and God is, and We can trust in him and his son so that everything will be okay no matter where, with who, or in what situation. I love you all. Bye.-Elder Larson