Monday, April 4, 2011

April 4, 2011

Hello family,
I am doing well, and it sounds like conference was really great. I am excited to see it this next weekend. I was really excited to hear that grandma listened to some conference and enjoyed that film. I am enjoying Ekaterinburg, but I still do now know a whole lot about things and people here. My companion is really cheerful and funny, and he speaks English pretty well, so we speak russian on street and english at home. Ekat is a lot more compact and higher and more densely populated than Perm. Perm feels pretty relaxed and open. It is actually larger in distance in perm, but Ekat is slow traffic and high buildings. We have a very nice church building here. we live on the northern part of the city called Ural Mash. It is finally getting warmer and the snow is melting. I love you all. Quick story too. There is a girl here we met with that lived in America at a mormon family, and she really saw them as an example and enjoyed them. She came here and wanted to know more about the church. It really impressed her to see the family genuine and strong in their belief. She sees a lot of hypocrisy sometimes in the orthodox church and was an atheist before she saw that family. Our example really can have an influence on people even if they do not live in the same place as us, even if they are just visiting. I hope you are all safe and I am very excited to hear that you are reading scriptures and watching conference. That is really important. I love you all. Bye. -Elder Larson