Monday, March 28, 2011

March 28, 2011

Hello Family,
it sounds like you are all doing pretty well. It is sad to hear about all those things going on everywhere, but it is the last days. I have not gotten the package, but I will probably get it soon. I got my transfer, and I will be serving in Ekaterinburg and be with Elder Zhdanov from Ukraine. I have really loved serving here in Perm and there are some really unforgettable moments here. I have really felt the support of members here, and I feel like I have grown the most here. The weather is a little warmer, and I am really excited again for summer. I heard from Hung, and it sounds like he is doing excellent now and active, and it touched me to read the letter he gave me talking about how much the Savior has influenced his life. I know that through him, we can really change our lives and find happiness. I have really noticed how much happines the Gospel brings us and that we can really change and become more like Christ. I really loved this last companion, and we have been very obedient and very happy because of that. I know that even though a lot of things didn't happen in the work, a few great miracles did because we were willing to serve each other, understand each other, and work together to build the kingdom. I hope family that you can find ways to serve and grow closer. I know you will grow closer. I love you all. I will describe my new place next week. Have a great week, and really be happy and grateful for what you have. Bye. -Elder Larson