Tuesday, April 19, 2011

April 19, 2011

Hello Family
The past week went fairly well, and we had a few really cool experiences. Elder Zhdanov and I are doing well, and we are getting along well. We have been trying to keep postive, faithful attitudes, and as a result, we have seen quite a few miracles, and there have been a few miracles in other companionships as well. Sometimes I start to complain, nothing really big at all, but Elder Zhdanov even helps me stay positive in those situations. Although we have not been able to have a whole lot of investigator meetings, we did have an investigator come to church for the first time in a long while. He has been investigating for around 10 years, so we want to continue working with him and help him feel the Spirit. In another instance on the bus, a woman started talking to Elder Zhdanov, but many others heard and another woman asked for an invitation afterwards. The first woman even started reading the invitation to the next lady who sat down next to her. We also had a new woman come to English club, and she said she was interested in meeting, although she works all this week. My visa trip went smoothly (Thus why I am writing today) and we were able to talk with a man who met missionaries in Moscow but may have somehow lost contact, so we got his information and can get it to missionaries in Moscow.
I am enjoying Ekaterniburg, and although not a whole lot is happening, I have recently felt and better understood how goalsetting, planning, and faith can work to help us achieve things. Attitude really makes a big difference in life, and through Christ our attitudes can be made really solid and positive. He has atoned for us, so we can always improve. If not everything is working out, that is sometimes okay, because changes can be made, and we can do all we can to improve, and whatever else happens happens. I enjoy my companion, and He has made huge changes in his life,especially on the mission, and I know that people can change.
The weather is nice, nearly all snow has melted, and It is almost warm enough just to go out in a suit top. Hung did write me a letter, and it seemed like everything was excellent. congrats Alex. I love you all. I hope the best for the rest in the family too. I love you Shane. Bye.