Monday, April 11, 2011

April 11, 2011

Hello family. Hello Madison. I do not forget you, I just forget to write your name down, but I hope all of you are doing well. They have a fairly nice ward building here, and there are about 40 regularly attending members in our ward. They are really kind. It is a pink building, sacrament hall on the second story and probably 3 quarters the size of our ward building. Here though, our church buildings cannot be too visible from main streets according to governmnent, so it is not too noticable, but it is nice on the inside. There are various people at church, a few families, and quite a few older ladies, and some younger people too. Here in Ekaterinburg, it is interesting because there are a few labor workers, but often times they are tajikistani, kind of how Mexicans are commonly labor workers in the states. there is a little more diveIt sounds like yo uare all doing well, having aunt Brenda come in all, and Erik on the honeymoon and Shane has been in the same place for a while. It is exciting to hear about Alex, and I was glad to hear that mom and dad you want to do FHE more. I really enjoyed conference and I watched it this past weekend. I enjoy Elder Uchtdorf's talk in priesthood, and Elder Scott's talk. You are right dad, they did talk about marriage a lot, and only looking towards a temple marriage. Erik has set a good example and now he can have experiences like you, mom, and Elder Scott. I also had a lot of help for missionary work. This week, we looked for some apartments, and we got ready to close another one. Soon our mission will be fairly small, and then maybe later it will get more people, so for now, a few areas might be closed. I love you all. I thank you for raising me with love, kindness, and I have learned so much on my mission. Right now, we are trying to find people to teach, but I have really learned a lot about myself the past while. I also like Elder Christofferson's talk about correcting yourself because you can always be better. It is also very hopeful becasue through Christ, you can become that much closer to perfection and being even more like him. I really like my companion. He is really happy, and he chooses to look at things positively. It is a great example to me, and we help each other with language quite a bit. He speaks English well, and I enjoy being with him. I love you. Think about conference and the words of the leaders. I know Christ lives and this Church is true. Good bye. -Elder Larson