Monday, March 14, 2011

March 14, 2011

Hello family, how are you doing?
I am doing very well. Sorry for the short letter. We do mail at the library, but it was closed for women's day. It is one of the biggest celebrations in Russia. It is like mother's day but for all women, and it is a governmental holiday. It is cool to hear that Shane is working with a mini missionary. We have a mini missionary here and perm, and we also recently sent out a mini missionary sister from here. I am really enjoying Perm, and our mission President and a patriarch came into town today. They will be here for a week so that people can receive their patriarchal blessings. There were also problems with housing. There is a knew law that changes how missionaries get registered, so we needed to move out. Our former branch president is helping us find a place. We recently have been trouble finding new investigators, but we have been thinking, planning, and praying, butht the land lady of a house we looked at today really wants help from God for her husband, and that is the place we will move, so it was a miracle. I really  enjoy my companion, he is really great. I love you all, and I am very thankful for all that you give me. I know the Lord directs our lives, and he helps us know really what is right and best for us. I once again have little time, but next week for sure, I will write more. Thank you all. I love you . Bye. -Elder Larson