Monday, February 28, 2011

February 28, 2011

Hello Family,
Mom, That is fantastic that you started ready the Book of Mormon and finish the Bible. That sounds very quick. Happy Birthday Alesha. It sounds that you had a fun time at dinner. Yes mom, I do hope I stay in Perm a while. I have really gotten to love the members here, and this has been my favorite place. It is getting a little warmer, sunnier, and I am liking it. The snow does not stay too soft, but does harden, but when the sun is strong, it does start to melt a little. Maybe I will try to walk backwards to change my walking skills, but people might look at me funny... No I hope that you are doing well dad. Thanks always for the ward and stake news, it is really interesting to me how all that changes and all the people that are on and intend to go on missions. It was also nice to hear from Blaine, and it sounds like Shane is in a pretty, rainy and a pretty rainy place.
It has been a good week. There were two people baptized this past week in the other ward, although the service was held in our ward because we have the font. One man is the man I had told you about that looked like a bum that came to church and we taught him a lesson. The other Elders continued teaching him, and through the gospel, they really helped him changed his life, and he is unbelievably happy. Even though he had a lot of trials, he trusted in Christ, looked to the scriptures for strength, and he was ready for the waters of baptism. The other person that was baptized was an african from Nigeria. He is a really nice young man, and he said that he was ready to follow Christ. We just hope that he feels welcome in his branch becuase he does not know Russian too well yet. I know that we are all children of God, and no matter our circumstances, if we follow the commandments, read scriptures, and pray, Heavenly Father will hear us and help us come closer to Christ if we are willing to act further. I love the mission, I love you all. Bye. -Elder Larson