Monday, January 24, 2011

January 24, 2011

Hello family!
Happy Birthday mother! I hope you have a great time there on that very special day. I was in Finland this past week, and it was really a cool opportunity because I was able to do it in Russian, and it was exciting. I hope that I get to stay in Perm for a while. It is glad to hear that Shane wants to stay in his area for a while. Some of my week was lost because I was in Finland, then my companion was there for a while, and then there was a special celebration for the senior couple because they will soon leave. I really know that Christ is my Savior and that repents is very very powerful. I have seen people change here because of it, and I also know that the Book of MOrmon has great power. I feel that ward members are really escited, and I am also very excited about the work. I do not have as much time for internet today because we are going to the branch president's home to have shishkobobs. He is really funny, kind, and he is armenian, so his culture is quite different from Russian culture. He is kind and does much work for the branch. I love you all. Bye. -Elder Larson