Monday, December 13, 2010

December 13, 2010

Hello Family,
Well, Shane, it is unfortunate that you had to do all that moving and stuff, but hopefully all went well. Now you are in an all different place, and you can really focus on the work and people in that area. I hope you get better mom, I hope Ryan and Jenny's child gets better. It sounds like you had some fun times dad going to watch the new chronicles of Narnia movie. I also enjoyed those little stories about the workers and the punishment. Erik, I am sorry I don't play soccer with the kids. There is snow everywhere, and I just don't have the opportunity, although the past few days have been oddly warm. It was just right at freezing, so it is not too cold out there right yet. It really did snow a lot though, and traffic was so bad. The tramb bus literally looked like a can of sardines there were so many people trying to shove themselves in.

For Christmas, maybe you can buy the phone card again and call me. It would probably be good to call around 7:00 in the morning my time Christmas morning, meaning around 7:00 Christmas eve for you.

This week, we met a Nigerian on the street. He is an 18 year old student. He invited us to his dorm, and we talked to some of the kids there. On the way out, we met 3 other Nigerians. They look so wierd being here, but they are so humble and kind. We gave our contact to the other elders because that is their area, but he has a strong belief in God, so hopefully he will be brought to come closer to Christ through his full gospel. The Nigerians are here becuase government and education in nigeria is terrible. They seemed so friendly and positive, while other people in the dorm seemed a little less positive with a more eat drink and be merry attitude. Vincent, the Nigerian, had talked about hopes, dreams, and making his family pround. It is amazing to see the difference in people's lives when they have more truth, and especially gospel truth. We have been working hard to help families come together in the church, and i have really been having a great time in this area. We are very busy, and the Lord is handing us many miracles. I really get along with my companion, and it has been fun while we have been trying to be open and be more like Christ. I love you all. share the Gospel with your friends. Invite grandma to the Christmas church activities. Bye.- Elder Larson