Monday, July 26, 2010

July 26, 2010

Hey Family!
First off, I want to possibly answer questions. I only write an email to you guys and the President. There is really very little time to write other letters and get them sent here. I only get mail every 6 weeks, so things aren't quite in chronological or real time order by the time I get to read letters. Thanks for all of your letters by the way, and that was a nice picture grandma sent. Just this last Wednesday, I received letters from the 19th of June up until the time you sent the wedding invitations, because I already got the invitation. She seems like she would be a very nice girl, and it was fun to see them together. Some people have been asking me what job she has, but I don't remember. Could you tell me again? It is unfortunate to hear about all the pet surgeries going on, but it sounds like all turned out well. It is also unfortunate that you all didn't go to Havasupai, but at least you still went camping and had a good time. Speaking of good times, Shane looked like he had a really fun time at the zoo, at the birthday, and at the baptism.

We are still meeting regularly with Michael, and he is great. He quit smoking, and I think it is really great to have been part of his quitting process, so now he just needs to remain that way for a little while to make sure he is worthy and ready to be baptized. In the meanwhile though, he is telling basically everyone he knows about the english club we have here, and the gospel. It also helps to use him as our online networker.

I go on my visa trip today. I will go to Finland, and I will come back Wednesday. They do the trips very fast, and try to get them done within a day, but living in Kurgan, it takes a little longer. I will be able to attend a temple sessions though, so I am excited about that.

We are now officially in a threesome, but while my companion was on his visa trip, we were a twosome. My new companion is a little shy, so I hope that while he is in our companionship he will be able to build confidence and language skills. He is from Utah, and he came into Russia one transfer before I did.

A stressful thing happened this week. We took on a translation service activity, thinking that it would be would be a few pages, but the sister in our ward gave us 70 pages of technical flooring advertisements, stats, and instructions. We thought we had a week, but then we had a day, and then we completely humbled ourselves and acknowledged that there was no possibilty in translating this piece of material. We talked with her, michael, and her friend who gave the translation to us, and we had got it all figured out to where we didn't have to do the translation. We are always looking for service, and it seems hard to come by, but when it does come, it is very difficult (or impossible) to continue or finish.

It's hot again here, but also very windy today. I am having a really good time here, and I am also getting to a point of fairly good understanding. I can understand the essence of almost everyone that talks to me, depending on their age, and what they are talking to me about. Speaking could still be a little better, but I feel like that will just come with time.

We have been talking a lot about priesthood, temples, families a lot recently since the temple in the Ukraine is about to open up. We are really blessed to have a few temples fairly close by back at home, and someday, people all across the world will not have to go far just to visit the temple. Remember the great blessing, beauty, and importance of the temple. By going there, we can save ourselves by also saving others. I love you all. Bye.- Elder Larson