Monday, July 19, 2010

July 19, 2010

Hello Family!
It sounds like everyone is doing well. that is very exciting how you are going to Havasupai again. That was one of my most favorite trips. (The mission) It really is a blessing and so greatly exciting. You are excited to leave on a mission before hand, and it feels just like life when you are going through it, but when you look back on specific experiences, blessings, and realize the work you're doing, the importance really hits you. Your testimony also continuously grows on the mission, and you realize how important it is to live the Gospel and follow Chirst. We have had some really exciting things happen because that boy is inviting his friends to hear the Gospel. It is really great that Elder S Larson will have that baptism going on. I am staying again in Kurgan for this next transfer, so we plan to baptize Mike on Aug. 7. He still has to quit smoking, but he is really accepting, learning, and sharing everything really well. This is my first city, and this will be my 3rd transfer here. I will also be in another threesome, as my companion (Elder Pearson) is staying here with me, but we are also getting another missionary (Elder Olson). He was one group ahead of me in the MTC, so I got to know him a little bit.

This week has been good. It has actually been a little cooler here the past week, and there has been some cloud cover and wind. We met another boy interested to hear the Gospel, and he also speaks very good English. We will probably need to teach him in Russian, but he understands a lot of English, and he wants us to teach him in English in order to practice. We seem to connect a lot better with the young people whenever their interested. I think their minds are a lot open to different ideas, and they are willing to search and learn rather than just accepting things as they are or as they have been told. What is great about our church is it really is all about learning and revelation, and it is amazing that you can receive answers to your questions, no matter what they are. I am starting to understand quite a bit now. I know it sounds like that everytime, but I do continuously get better. We went to get pancakes though at a restaurant, and the lady used some food or drink terms, and I didn't understand a word she says. Maybe I need to be more accustomed to those kind of foods and drinks that have unique names. I only have short time, but I love you all. Bye.-Elder Larson