Monday, August 2, 2010

August 2, 2010

Hello family,
Things are going well here. The visa trip to Finland was quick, but it was cool to see my MTC group. We all went together. The trip was hard because we have little sleep, but it was wonderful to go to the temple. It is a really beautiful temple, and Finland is pretty too. I forgot my camera to take any pictures, but maybe next time, I can take some to show you. That was a great compliment that Shane received, and it really is great to keep a positive attitude. He must be exercising great obedience because happy missionaries are obedient missionaries. Erik will be married shortly here, and that will be exciting, but it is a little strange to think about.

Things here are going alright. We set a new baptismal date a week later for him under the direction of our ward and mission president to make sure that he has fully quit smoking without relapse. So he should be baptized the day Erik is married. We have been meeting with some of his friends and some younger people, and we have been spending a little less time on the streets. It has still been hot here without clouds, and yesterday was completely sunny, and probably in the 90's. It should get cool sometime soon though as I have been hearing, maybe towards mid to late august, the temperature really starts to change. I had the opportunity to anoint a lady yesterday, and my companion gave the blessing. Also, a semiactive family came to all three hours of church yesterday, although the general turnout was small. It is tougher to work in a threesome. Just the dynamics of working, teaching, and travelling together are kind of ackward, but I can't complain. There are many things to be grateful for. I read a talk today called "You know enough" by Neil A. Andersen when he was in the seventy and it was really great. We have such a great knowledge being members of the Church, and it really blesses our lives. Let's again see how we can share it. I love all of you. I hope the new week goes well. Bye. -Elder Larson