Friday, November 4, 2011

October 31, 2011

Dear Family!

I have had an exciting last week. We had done some travelling with President. I was able to go to Perm (where I had previously served) and witness a baptism there and also do exchanges. I had the opportunity to teach at some time the woman that was baptized, and her daughter is a great member who was so excited about the mother's baptism. there is also a younger sister who is 12 years old, and she has made some comments suggesting that she too, now, would like to be baptized, so we will see when that will be. Elder Ray is doing very well, and this is the beginning of the last transfer of his mission there in Perm. He is working hard, and he has seen a few baptisms and really loving the opportunity to serve. His companion is russian, but is great and speaks english well. We also had the opportunity to do exchanges with some younger missionaries. They work hard and they really enjoy doing the work. I learned that one of those missionaries also likes to go bow hunting so that was interesting.
We also had the opportunity to drive with President to another city, but the snow started to come down pretty hard. There was slush on the road mixed with snow(It has been snowing for about the past 4 days, and there is a relatively large amount. It was cold a few days ago, but it can be a lot colder.) As we were driving, someone in front of us tried to pass a truck, but they started to skid, they tried to recorrect, running into the truck and they went off spinning onto the side of the road in a field. We stopped, and it turned out that she was completely fine, and it was good that there was not really any oncoming traffic. Later that day, we saw the same thing, but moving into oncoming traffic, involving a few cars. It did not seem like anyone got seriously injured, but it was interesting to see those crashes and scary to know that it happens fairly often. President drives well, and we were never close to harm.
It will be cool to see day of the dead for you, Dad, and that is nice how you got to see Kirsten and the rest of the family. That is good how mom's knee feels  a little bit better, and it sounds like Shane is working very hard.
For the next transfer, I am staying in Ekaterinburg, but my companion got a transfer that we had known about for quite a while. He will be going to train in Ufa. I will be staying in Ekaterinburg as an assistant, and Elder Parson will be coming to be my companion. He was the zone leader in Ekat, and he is still fairly young on the mission (around 6 or 7 months I think in Russia). We will come together Wednesday, and what I have seen is that he is very solid, he works hard and loves the work, and he has good russian. It will be a change, but it will be fun. There are a few interesting things coming this month, and the new missionaries come in a few days.
I think that I will be warm. I did buy a hat, and it is a warm hat with fur. Last winter I had bought some fur shoes that keep me pretty warm, and I have gloves, so it will be warm and good, and I want to make sure that I be warm rather than cold. I thought the other day I didn't need to put gloves on quite yet, but I needed them as my hands got cold. I learned my lesson and I am wearing gloves.
We are trying to find right now. We just cant seem to keep ahold of those who are truly interested and find those that really want to hear the Gospel, but we are continuing, and now matter what they choose, I am having fun doing it. You have got to make it fun, and I know there are people waiting. I hope you all are having fun. Continue with your missionary work and trying to find how you can bring up the Gospel. I love you family. Bye.- Elder Larson.