Monday, October 24, 2011

October 24, 2011

Hello Family!
I am doing well here and having a fun time being on a mission. It is starting to get a little colder, a little darker, and it sounds like Friday that it will be quite cool. I think that today I will go and buy a hat. I received a nice letter from Madison. She writes very well, descriptive, and I feel that I have seen her grow a lot. It sounds like you had fun Dad helping those little kids out at saint Vincent's and also doing service there at the cemetary in guadalupe. There are a lot of cemetaries in Russia, and often we walk through a cemetary on our way to President's home. It is pretty, but there is often some trash, so it is nice that you cleaned to make a place that should be peaceful even more peaceful. Here, almost all the leaves have fallen as well.
The ward will probably be completely different when I get back it sounds like with so many new people coming in. We had the opportunity with President to visit another ward in our mission, and he drove there. There are a few places that we can drive to in around 5 hours, and President likes how he can choose his own schedule that way and not be so dependent on the train schedule, but when it snows, President probably will not be driving to those other places.
There were a few baptisms that happened this weekend and some coming next week in our mission. It is interesting to hear about baptisms of people that I may have been around in other areas but just weren't ready. There was a referral that I could not get a hold of or meet in Perm, but she was baptized on Saturday, and the mother of a young woman will be will be getting baptized on Wednesday. Some people just need the right people at the right time, and that is why we are sent to serve in a specific place at a specific time. The missionary that is in Perm right now is a great missionary. It is Elder Ray who's blogs you see. I know that some people are not quite elect today, but that our influence has a lasting effect on people and can help them come a step closer to being elect.
Thanks mom for understanding my decision. I will tell you if I think otherwise.
That is cool how Tyler and President Clason son are going on the mission soon. It is nice to hear about the mission from other missionaries because there are so many great experiences, sometimes sad experiences, but experiences that shape our lives. Thank you parents for helping shape my life. Have a good week. Have a good surgury whenever it will be. I love you all.- Elder Larson