Tuesday, September 27, 2011

September 26, 2011

Hello Family!
Things are going really great here. This past week, 2 missionaries came in to the mission. The ones from Ukraine and Moscow. They are very kind and very sincere in their testimonies. The elder has only been a member for about a year and a half, but he is really excited, and he was actually found by missionaries who went street contacting. He is the only member in his family, but he is very loving, and they are both excited to do the work. I enjoy seeing knew missionaries, and they help me to learn because they are just so excited to do the work.
Also, that young woman we told you about last week came to church again, and she seems very committed to coming. Before she met us, she had learned about the church, and had been searching for something, so we want to help her and find out where she is at in her search for truth. She is very smart, and it is fun to see someone so young really search for the truth. She is 14. I found it interesting because that is the same age that Joseph Smith had posed the same questions in his life.
It is cool to hear about the baby that Nathan and Mindy had. I was also unaware that Nathan's back was getting so bad. I hope you get feeling better mom. Everytime you feel the pain, just remember Christ's love. He has felt all of your pain and understands your situation. It is sad to hear about your friend Kim. I wouldn't worry about it. You did your part in trying to reach out and help someone. Continue helping others. It is just sometimes sad that people abuse the things that you give them, but you in doing that you have come closer to Christ. It is great to hear that Erik feels better, and it was nice to receive a letter from you mom and grandad and grandma Larson. That looks like a nice elk, but that is kind of a funny story how you split it between 2 people. Cool snake too, kind of scary. It is nice how Matt is dating a nice woman. Is she a member?? She also has two kids. That is cool how they are really supportive of each other. I am able to email other missionaries if I have time, and I hadn't heard about Jeff Rodgers too much, but I wrote him and he wrote back, and he sounds like he is doing well there in Chicago. He says he is close to down town and he can even go there on p-day.
Shane, there are right now 45 missionaries in the mission, excluding senior couples. At the end of the year, there should be 50 missionaries. There is someone in my branch that is actually from Argentina, from Buenos Aires. I want to know if he is from your area or around the place you're at. Which ward do you go to? My branch is called Verkh-Isetsky. How many missionaries are in your mission? That is cool how that woman was baptized and was feeling better already the next Sunday. We have a lot of older women in the branch, and they are very strong members of the church.
Now it seems that we are really moving into the fall season here. I hope you all will have a good conference. Pay good attention to what everyone says. We will watch conference a week later here. I have really learned on my mission that it is really a great opportunity to hear from your leaders, and we really need to know and heed there words especially in an increasingly evil world, so that we can be strong and firm on the Gospel foundation. I love you all. Have a good week. Be a good example for others and true to what you know. Bye.- Elder Larson