Tuesday, September 20, 2011

September 20, 2011

Hello Family!
Once again, sorry that the letter did not get off last week. I did write it last week, and I had plenty of time, but somehow I saved it instead of sending. This week you get a 2 for one. Dad, I hope you got an elk or Ryan or Matt. From my last week letter, you heard that we had Pres. Bennett came and talked to us, and we tried our best to apply what he said, and we got an investigator, and there were 2 that showed up to church. In August, we were walking on the street, and we tried to find a copy place. We went to the wrong one, but a lady wanted to speak with us interested that we were American. She showed us where to go, and we talked for a while with her and her daughter. For the past month, we have been seeing them as we go by to our recent converts home. We talk a bit, and we gave them a Book of Mormon. The daughter Anya(14) is very sharp, and she started to read the Book of Mormon, and she talked her mother into going to church, so we met them at the bus stop, and we went to church. They enjoyed it, and although we never had an official meeting, we feel as if they are very prepared, and they are pleasant people. They know french very well, and Anya has a desire to come more and to meet with us.
There was a new set of missionaries that came in (8 alltogether including a sister from Finland). It has been fun to see missionaries come and go, and it has also been fun to help in the organization of their travel from place to place. The office elders take care of that, but we also help out a little bit in knowing how it works out. Our mission is very young now, and there are many miracles going on. Hung sent a small email and it says that he created a profile on mormon.org, so it sounds like he is doing alright. There are also 2 missionaries coming in this week from Moscow and Ukraine. My trainers left from the mission last week. It is interesting to see the contrast and how much you grow in 2 years. The new missionaries are coming out of the MTC now quite prepared, and there is also a lot that we all learn while on the mission. I hope that Erik and Alesha start to feel better from their colds and more at home. Now that Erik is in Provo, I don't know if he could look up someone by the name of Paul Gallo. He is a great young man, returned from a mission in Moscow west before I left for my mission, but maybe it would be fun for them to get acquainted. Paul's brother was one of my best friends at BYU who is ironically serving a mission in the Provo mission. I hope that grandma has a fun time in Arkansas. I hope all the kids and family are doing well. I love you all. It has been getting cooler here, so that's also a little exciting, but I am really enjoying life.
If you have any specific questions or want to know something, please ask. I will try to do a better job in answering but maybe your questions can help guide me in making more interesting letters.
I don't know if I told you, but my companion's great great grandfather Zachariah Bruin Decker, and my great great grandfather, Mons Larson know each other. As I was reading through our family history, I came upon the name Decker, I asked him about it, and his family tree had a link. We had been part of the same company at the hole in the rock. His family stayed in southern Utah, and they now live in Cedar City. Family history is important, and it is cool what kind of links we might be able to find between people. We really are all God's children.
I love you all. Bye. I checked to make sure you got this at the right time this time so hopefully it does.-Elder Larson