Monday, June 20, 2011

June 20, 2011

Hello Family,
This week was a very good week. Dad, it sounds like you did a good talk. I like it and it sounds like mom liked it too. Happy Father's day. Sorry I didn't notice. It is on a calendar I have, but I just didn't notice I suppose because they do holidays a little differently here. There was someone who did a talk this week end though and it was really interesting. He did not ask for participation from people because it was a talk, but he asked some questions and gave answers as if it were coming from the crowd. For instance, he asked women about which traits they like to see in a man, and he answered on the question himself with something they may have thought of. It was interesting and he wanted to focus on becoming more like Christ and developing traots tjat really matter and that people admire. Sounds like a good ceremony that Alex had. I am also very excited to hear that Jeff is on the mission and that he is already there serving and enjoying his time. I am glad to here about all of the youth who are really making good decisions and changing their lives to become more like Christ.
It is cool how you all got to see the grandchildren.
We have got a baptismal date for an investigator, and we are excited because she is great. She is a member referral, but she is accepting of everything, and she has really put forth a lot of faith. Her name is Lidia She lives only 10 min. walk from us, and members have been helping. She is around 58, and she really enjoys what the Gospel brings to her. She will be baptised July 2 if not early depending on ward activities happening around that time. She has really shown me that there are people that are ready, waiting for the Gospel and recognize that it is right even without a huge knowledge, but she is accepting and learning, and she also enjoys church.
My companion received a transfer to Dyoma (a place where I have previously served. My 2nd area). I am going to serve with Elder Pearson (he was one of my first companions when I was in a threesome.) This will be my 2nd companion that I have served with twice. I enjoyed serving with Elder Zhdanov. I like Elder Pearson a lot, and he works very hard, so hopefully we can work hard together and have some great experiences again.
Mom, the mission has not really helped me know what I want to be after my mission, probably because I try not to think about it, but I have found out a few things I like. I like to work and serve others. I like Russian language, I like to solve problems, and I like to write and fill out papers. I also really love to teach people about Christ and help them come closer to him. I know that part will be a life long mission, but as for the other stuff, I am really not sure. It has really been dark, windy, rainy weather for a long time, but I am really enjoying my mission. I love you all. Good Bye. -Elder Larson