Tuesday, November 23, 2010

November 22, 2010

Hello Family!
That is really cool how you are doing so many names Dad. I really hope that you can break those records. That is a great work, and it is cool how you are so consistent in doing it. It sounds like Mountain Pointe just squeezed by, but it is great how Jack is doing well. It is interesting to hear about all the ward news. It is strange how there are so many deaths over there were you are. The Gospel really enriches life, and it is great how we have the knowledge of where we will go after this life. Snow has fallen here, and I believe it will now stay. It is pretty cold here, and it is exciting, but the main problem is that there are consecutively less people on the street. Good job for talking to Hung, mom. I hope he finds some strength.
We had zone conference this week. It was really great. Main points were that we need to talk to people to get to know them and help meet their needs. Even on bus or the transport, our president told us that we really need to get to know people. He said that people are on a range from 1 to 7. Sometimes we just need to bumb those ones (those who almost hate us and reject us and say names) to a 2 (just a little better). Or maybe they are ready for a bigger boost. Or maybe they are 6 or 7's ready to be baptized. Regardless of who we talk to, we need to always represent Christ, love the people, and have them think more of us when we leave than when we first met them. Just as Shane said, there is a large focus on teaching by the Spirit and teaching for the people's needs. We should also have specific prayers when we seek for guidance, really aligning ourself with God's will. We need both great attitude and effort to become great missionaries, and we must never feel like failures. Satan wants us to feel like failures, but God wants us to find and correct our weaknesses through Christ.
Shane- Remember to be very strong and faithful through the tough times. It may be difficult because you have already been through the area book, there are no contacts, or maybe it is hard to get men on the meeting, but remember to maintain a positive attitude. People always have the choice to accept you, but just keep a positive attitude and don't get discouraged. You are probably doing fine, so keep up.
It is good that you found the town on the map. There is not thanksgiving here, but the members sometimes celebrate it, as they see the American missionaries talk about it. Will will just go to district meeting to eat probably at the senior couple's home. I do not know how far from the railroad I live, but I live about 8 minutes from that hand statue. You noticed there is an intersection maybe at the statue, well I live on one of those streets. If you follow the straight street towards Ufa, it will be cut off by another street. Well if you just keep going imaginary like the street still goes, I should be 2 or three houses in, but I am leaving, so I guess it doesn't matter. I am going to Perm to be a zone leader. There are no district leaders in my mission. I am excited, but nervous. I will be serving with Elder Sare. I hear that he is a very great missionary, and he was a former assistant to the president, so maybe he can really help me and teach me. I have met him a few times, and he also seems like a humourous, great missionary. I hear that they have a great ward in Perm, that it is a beautiful city, and that it will be a little colder than here. There is also a senior couple there. I leave on a train tomorrow night to Ekaterinburg, and then there to Perm. I love you.