Saturday, May 1, 2010

Hans Leaves the MTC April 27, 2010

Hey family. I love you all. Thanks for the last treats. I am going to depart today. I don't know what to expect, but I am excited to go serve the Lord. This week was a quick last one, and the MTC has been great. We all spiritually grew so much, and we all strengthened in our relationship to go out and preach the gospel. I won't forget the MTC, but now I am at a new chapter in my mission. Last Tuesday, we had a devotionaly about truly becoming a disciple of Chrst. Changing and solidifying your identity from the average person to a disciple of Christ. He really emphasized that we did not go on a mission to be average, but to excel and do all we can. Sunday we had a departure devotional. Some of the MTC presidency talked about how to make our experiences successful. Obedience was the major point, and I know being obedient will make me successful. Our zone president also told us a story. There were some turkeys. They were all nice, good turkeys, but one of the turkeys saw some eagles flying in the sky. He wanted to soar like the eagles, so he convinced the eagles to come down and teach him and the other turkeys how to fly. The turkeys promised they would give 100% effort, no matter how long it took. The turkeys worked their hardest day in and day out, and finally, their training was done. They were now ready to take off flying. When they first started to fly, it wasn't too high, but the harder they flapped their wings, the higher they went. When they were up amongst the clouds, they had seen things that they hadn't seen before. They had also seen things that they could not imagine before. had they not learned to fly, they would miss out on these great opportunities. When the turkeys got too tired, when they have literally given it their all, they come back to the world. When we were at the MTC, we were learning how to fly. Now we are ready to fly. There are things and companions and distractions that would like to bring us back to Earth, but we must flap harder, relying on the Lord that he will give us the strength to stay airborne, and more importantly, reach new heights. At the end of the mission, we must return back to Earth, but we will have had great memories, experiences, and unimagineable times that have changed our lives and differed us from being the average turkey.

I love you all. thanks for supporting me and raising me with the desire to serve the Lord. BYE. - Elder Hans Larson

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