Monday, September 20, 2010

September 21, 2010

Hello Family!
Well, I am so excited to hear about Jeffrey Rodgers. He finally got his call, and know he just has to saddle up and get ready to go. Dad and Mom, you really helped encourage him to take those important steps. That sounds like it would be a good, exciting mission.That is weird how Blaine is the last one of our age to go on his mission, and he will be a really good missionary. All those bishopric changes aer also fairly interesting.

Mom wanted to know how the people are. The two large religions here are Muslim and Russian Orthodox no matter the age group. Some of the older Russians are more knowledgeable about their beliefs (both Muslim and Russian Orthodox), but few really want to argue by the means of scriptures. Most people do not really want to argue, they just are really attached to those things they believe. Jehovah's witnesses will try to prove their points by showing scriptures and such, but I do not often see them, although they are here. Younger people either just follow tradition in their beliefs, or they really search out. Many young people (our age) seem like they search for themselves what is right, unless they are just living and having a good time. Most people on the streets just avoid talking to us, say they are orthodox, then move on, say they are Muslim, then move on, or are really interested, so they continue talking with us. Very rarely do people argue with us, maybe because for most here, our church is still fairly new. a lot of people in my area have seen missionaries, and we often see the same people multiple times. I hope that gives mom a general idea of street contacting. Of course that is just a sketch based on previous circumstances. Every time you see a person, you cannot try to predict the person or what will happen, but you need to look at them as a child of God looking for an answer. You need to know that you have the answer that will bless them and even save them through Jesus Christ. In the moment it is hard to think that way sometimes, but I do know that they all are to be loved, and everyone deserves the chance to accept the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I like what dad shared about the Elder who talked about a few people he and his companion went back to talk to.

Things are going well. We had splits, and we met with some members and went contacting. we took a less active man this week to visit and active, older lady. We wanted to teach her, but instead, we ate, and she really encouraged him to make a change in his life and really do better. I felt that it had an impact, and I hope that it really did impact him. She turned the tables. For preparation day today, we will play basketball for a recreational activity. This week, it had actually been a little bit warmer outside, but according to the trees, fall and winter should shortly come. Leaves are turning yellow to the cinnamon and amber colors, and it is actually quite pretty. I am excited to see and know how the cold feels, but the only problem is that it means there will be fewer people on the streets.

I Hope all of you at home are doing well. Shane- it sounds like you are doing well. you will treat your new area fine. Make the most out of what you have and be grateful always you all. I am really enjoying my time here on the mission and learning a lot. I am grateful for grandma and granddad's letter. I love you all. Remember who you are and where you will be continuing in obedience, faith, and hard work. Bye- Elder Larson.